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Reduce iPad camera noise using Macphun Noiseless

Even though Apple has improved the camera of iPad by a huge extent, it still has a lot of camera noise. However if you are Mac user, you can install Macphun Noiseless that offers one click solution for removing the noise from iPad camera images easily. The Macphun Noiseless retails for 18 dollars and is […]

Mophie Space for iPad Mini lets you add 128GB storage

Adding storage to iPad Mini never got easier than before. Meet Mophie Space, a battery pack that doubles as flash drive, adding up to 128GB of external storage to your Apple iPad Mini. Mophie calls it Space Packs and these are available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions. Since the Mophie iPad Space doubles as […]

How to unlock AT&T iPhone for free

All the Apple iPhones sold through network providers are locked but you can easily get them unlocked. The main advantage of getting the iPhone unlocked is to use the device on other cellular networks. So if you bought an AT&T iPhone and you are planning to use it on Verizon or T-Mobile, you will be […]

Best way to compare prices of iPad and Mobile phones

Apple iPad is one of the best tablets in the market and it has been selling like hotcakes ever single its launch. While the Apple has set fixed prices for each model, online retailers sell it at different prices. The reason behind this is that there is no guideline in pricing. Same goes for the […]

Emailhelpr.Com: Your Ultimate Guide for Gmail Related Issues

Despite the arrival of advanced internet and mobile communication options, email is widely used by billions of people all over the world. Corporate communication still relies more on email than chat or messaging. There are several advantages of using e mail over other online communication modes, as it is. You can send attachments of large […]

EaseUs Data Recovery for Mac Review

EaseUs started making data recovery software for Microsoft operating system but later bought their Data Recovery line to the Mac OS X operating system. It is currently offered in three offerings which are free, pro and unlimited versions respectively. The free version is good enough for normal user. Installing this free mac data recovery is […]