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OtterBox Symmetry Series Hybrid Case review for iPad Pro

OtterBox Symmetry Series Hybrid Case for 12.9” iPad Pro tries to make everyone happy by offering almost everything one could ask in a perfect iPad Pro 12.9 inch case. Packing a clear hard plastic rear case with folio cover that is detachable in case you don’t need it. On the sides, there is coverage for […]

Apple Pencil 2 Release Date

We now know when will Apple launch Pencil 2 and what is the Apple Pencil 2 release date. The first Apple Pencil was released along with the iPad Pro back in September 2015 and it is obvious that the company is expected to churn out an update of it coming Autumn 2016. And if you […]

Hide Browsing History on iPad

If you do not want the iPad to store history of what websites you browse in its storage, you can make use of private or incognito mode on most mobile web browsers. This is available on Safari, Chrome, Firefox for iPad. Keep in mind that going incognito will not hide your IP or stop websites […]

Cost of Cap of Apple Pencil will leave you surprised

When Apple launched iPad Pro, it also launched Apple Pencil. However if you loose the cap of the Apple Pencil, the cost to replace it will leave you surprised. An iPad hype user gave Apple a ring and thought Apple will be able to sort this problem out. Service center person told the person on […]