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iPhone price and feature comparison

With each generation the iPhone has advanced in technology and performance, driving consumers crazy with their exciting array of features. It is interesting to see the changes the iPhone has undergone with each generation and it will be helpful in deciding which iPhone is right for you. The first ever iPhone had a 3.5” screen […]

Skim the PuneReal Estate Market with iOS app

The Silicon Valley of India, Pune accelerates the momentum every single moment enhancing the value of your single second. After making a mark in your professional life, you definitely feel like acquiring a fistful of real – estate in your second home town but the time crunches is holding you back…Weekdays are hectic and weekends […]

Hardware Differences Between a Mac and a PC

For years, the age-old question has managed to stay fresh – What’s the difference between a Mac and a PC? In general terms, you know that the two computers are different in many ways. However, you probably want to know what’s happening on the inside. How do the actual physical parts of both the Mac […]

Multiply the benefits of your iPhone with the Couponraja app

Holding an iPhone, you are already a class above the rest. Set apart for your finer taste, you now belong to the iPhone generation. Running on Apple’s own iOS mobile operating system, you now enjoy the benefits of multi-touch screen, virtual keyboard, GPRS, Wi-Fi connectivity which includes 1xRTT and many more exciting features. The iPhone […]

Finding the best media converter for Mac

What all features you should look out for when choosing a media converter for your Mac computer? Let us find out. The first and foremost feature is it should be able to convert all popular media formats. You should be able to convert to or fro from any of these media formats – DVD, AVI, […]

Build a complete website using just your iPad

Did you know that is possible to create web sites on your iPad or iPhone and that too for free? Meet Jimdo, a site builder that is made with mobile phones and tablets in mind. It has been in service for desktops since 2007 and now its application is available on the Apple’s app store. […]