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Review Vonage Extensions iPad app

This great little app from VoiP calls provider Vonage lets you make unlimited international and UK calls on two iPhones (and your home phone)very simply –just one account, one bill and one payment required. “So what?” you might be asking. Well, have you ever tried to make an international call whilst abroad? It’s expensive. And […]

Review Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3 for iPad Air

Kensington has released myriad keyboard cases for the Apple iPad in the past. Few days back the company churned out KeyFolio Thin X3 for the iPad Air and today we are going to take a look at it. The first thing you will notice about it is how sleek and well built it is. The […]

RetailMeNot Launches iPad App for free

RetailMeNot is a coupon website and they have launched their official iPad app today. The app will help support the growing number of consumers who use their tablet device to both research shopping options and make transactions. Tablets are becoming an increasingly important shopping tool. Here are the features of the app: * Built-in geo-location […]

Belkin Wired Keyboard for iPad and iPad Mini

Belkin is now offering a slim and lightweight wired keyboard for the iPad 4 and iPad Mini users. Since it is wired there is no need to swap batteries on a weekly basis. Also there are certain companies and institutions that prohibit the use of Bluetooth radio which is where this keyboard shows its worth […]

Twelve South HoverBar 3 for iPad Review

We have massive fans of Twelve South and their products and why not? They are extremely useful and easy to use. Meet the HoverBar 3 that cost 100 dollars. It is same as HoverBar 2 but this time the mounting bar is compatible with every single Apple iPad released till date, except the first generation […]

How to use computer monitoring software the right way

Do you have any idea what your employees are doing when you are not around? At the minimum they are browsing Facebook and at worst, they could be using company’s resources to download illegal materials via torrents. That is why it is required to install a computer monitoring software to keep an eye on their […]