Adonits Jot Stylus

Adonits has created the Jot Stylus using the project to raise funds (more than $168k in 30 days).  The Jot Stylus comes with a free app, the JotStudio, which further increases the accuracy of the Jot.

jotstylus (Mobile)


The Jot Stylus comes in two models, the Jot and Jot Pro, both with a precision disc and ball point which increases the angles one can use with the Stylus and improves accuracy.  The Jot is very well crafted, coming in brushed and polished aluminium with a rubber grip.  As with other Stylus, the Jot does not work well with certain screen protectors due to their extra grip nature, such as Ghost Armor and the Zagg Glossy Invisible Shield.  However, so as to protect its delicate point, the Jot comes with a protective  cap.  Delivery is expected to be in early September to members of the Kickstarter campaign for the Jot however Adonit is making the Jot available to the general public.