Affordable iPad cases

For those in the market for a nicely designed but affordable iPad case, here are three we have recently test driven, introducing the Acme Made Orikata, the Skech Booklet and, last but not least, the Acme Made Infinite Angle.  Each of these cases costs no more than $60, all offer nice, stylish designs along with some neat little trimmings to make them worth talking about.

First up is the Acme Made Infinite Angle, which also happens to be the most expensive at $60.  For your hard earned cash you get a faux leather case that doubles as a stand.  Now aesthetically, the Infinite Angle is not a world apart from either the standard Apple iPad case or indeed any of a hundred basic cases.  That is not to say it is without appeal, its simplicity is executed well with clean lines and a robust strap around the middle.  And the stand function works to multiple angles (perhaps inspiration for the title?!).  All in all a solid case each you want simple form and function rolled into one.

acme-made-infinite-angle-ipad-case (Mobile)

Next to the cheapest case on the list, the Skech Booklet, priced at a great value $45. Now make no mistake, you are getting a simple, faux leather or else quilted nylon case for your money.  That said, it has the look of a kind of corporate document dossier, you know those ones people carry their business cards in!  In fact it takes this look and runs with it in terms of functionality with credit card/business card holders and a loop for Stylus/pen.  May be you want to fool people at work meetings into thinking you prefer the old school approach, only to reveal your slick new window to the digital world (what, am I the only one!) to their impressed amazement!  Other than that, the iPad fits snugly inside and is well strapped in by the four corner elastic bands.  Nice case if a tad ‘standard’.

Skech-Booklet_iPad2_case (Mobile)

Finally, we shoot at the middle of the road with the Acme Made Orikata.  Priced at $50, it is great quality and nicely designed (albeit with a very similar look to the standard Apple case).  What actually makes it worth considering is its design is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, Origami, meaning its pockets and corners are part of the case, rather than the standard elastic straps to hold your iPad in.  The inside is also velvet giving you a feeling of luxury.  All in all, the Orikata, is a nice looking case that looks and feels well worth the $50 price tag.