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Hide Browsing History on iPad

If you do not want the iPad to store history of what websites you browse in its storage, you can make use of private or incognito mode on most mobile web browsers. This is available on Safari,

Download iFile for iPad

The iFile is a full featured iPad file manager which you can use to manage files on your iPad. While there are plethora of file managers for iPad, for instance Goodreader for iPad, they generally are too

RetailMeNot Launches iPad App for free

RetailMeNot is a coupon website and they have launched their official iPad app today. The app will help support the growing number of consumers who use their tablet device to both research shopping options and make transactions.

Download Lightroom Mobile for iPad

Adobe has officially released Lightroom Mobile for iPad. The application lets user enhance smart phone photos and RAW images taken from DSLR cameras. Adobe claims that their new application can handle any image format out there. The