Apple Care+ and iPad battery Replacement

We have some great news for iPad owners with Apple Care + plans. The Cupertino giant has updated its terms of Apple Care + Protection Plan for the iPad and other iOS devices including Apple Watch where it says that it will now provide cover for devices where battery retains less than 80 percent of its actual capacity.

Apple Care iPad battery Replacement

Earlier the battery replacement was done only for those devices where battery capacity was depleted by 50 percent. Now it has been bumped to 80 percent which will definitely make heavy users who often charge their iPads, happy.

Again this change is not only for the iPad owners but also applies to iPhone, iPod Touch and Watch. An important thing to note is that this applies to only devices which were purchased after 9th of April 2015. So if you purchased your iPad before that date, you will be able to ask for battery replacement only if the levels reach 50 percent.