Apple iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 3 vs Pixel C: Which has best keyboard design

While this is an Apple fansite, we often mention iPad alternatives to ensure that you make the best choice when buying a tablet which doubles as laptop. Let us be fair, Windows has come a long way and it is quite touch friendly now with Windows 10. You can get fairly nice tablets that can replace laptops in 2015 now. We have three main contenders, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Google’s Pixel C and iPad Pro with smart keyboard. Let us compare the pros and cons of their keyboard designs that convert these slate tablets into laptops.

microsoft surface pro 3 with keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

+ Kickstand (Allows full range of angles with or WITHOUT keyboard attached)
+ Magnetically raises keyboard for more comfortable typing angle
+ Keyboard Connector to power keyboard and give secure positioning
+ Stylus Loop to put Pen in when not in use
+ Backlit Keys
+/- Laptop Friendly (I use it on lap all the time but people claim it isn’t possible)

Pixel C
pixel c with keyboard

+ Strong Magnets holds Tablet to keyboard (strong enough to hold it upside down)
+ Inductively charges Keyboard from Tablet when in use (2mo charge)
+ Magnetically holds to front (screen protector) or to back (when not in use)
+ Full range of angles with keyboard side kickstand
- Not Lap Friendly
- No kickstand for when keyboard not attached
- No backlit keys

iPad Pro Smart Keyboard
ipad pro with keyboard

+ Thin Profile
- Odd "hump" and rollout design
- Fixed Angle with no Adjustment Options
- Not Lap Friendly
- No kickstand for when keyboard not attached
- No Backlit keys