Apple iPhone: iHome iPL22 Review

While the docking speaker systems have received a sever drop in demand due to Bluetooth speakers, they are not totally dead. Folks at iHome are still churning out docks with lightning connector. Take the iHome iPL22 for example that retails for 70 dollars and incorporate a FM radio with excellent speaker.

The body of the iHome iPL22 is made of gray plastic and has a curved back giving it a very natural feeling shape. It measures 4.81" W x 5.12" H x 5.12" and weighs about 1.47 lbs.

Feature list includes a customizable alarm, FM Radio, a programmable snooze, a sleep time and while it does all that the iHome iPL22 charges your iPhone at the same time. You can wake and sleep to radio, buzzer or to your favorite tunes.

iHome iPL22 review

It can save up to six FM stations and can sync time with your iPhone as well.