Archos 101 Tablet Reviewed

Other than the iPad and Galaxy Tab, the only Android tablet worth buying is the Archos 101 tablet, especially for its crazy 300 dollar price tag. The Archos claims that it can play (and output) 720p videos easily via its HDMI port. The only thing not to like is the lack of Google Marketplace (which is a biggie) on the tablet. Still worth buying?


Well, folks at pocket-lint have taken a look at the device and they believe that the Archos 101 is far more flexible than the iPad. Here is how it is better:

1) Full flash support in the web-browser

2) USB host

3) micro SD card slot

4) Just 12mm thick

5) Full multi tasking

However, its inability to access the Android Marketplace is the biggest turn off for most of the users.

Read their review. Click here to see Archos 101 disassembly pics.