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British Airways and iPad

British Airways is testing the iPads for its cabin crews to make out if they can improve the customer service. Right now, it is said to be distributed to only 100 cabin crew but the company is

Griffin iPad 2 Intellicase

Griffin Technology has rolled out Intellicase for the iPad 2. This case has a folio design and protects both back and front of the iPad. The part that covers the back is made from solid polycarbonate that

Roboto Review

Here is a game which really make use of all that processing power packed into that Apple A5 chip – Roboto. It has top notch level design even though it is just a side scroller game. The

Gucci iPad 2 Case

Even after the iPad 2 HD rumor, no iPad 2 case manufacture wants to slow down. Everyday, more and more cases are trouted by companies in various parts of the world. Now, the luxury goods maker, Gucci

Stabile Pro iPad Stand

Folks at Thought Out have rolled out Stabile Pro stand that is compatible with both iPad and iPad 2. It is made from solid steel and weighs in at ~ 4 pounds, so it is not on