Battery Replacement of iPad 5 2017: How to change battery of Apple iPad 2017

How to do battery replacement for iPad 5 2017 model?

The new Apple iPad 5 2017 comes with 32.9Wh battery and over the time, it will become weak. Since it comes with a non user removable battery, just like other iPad models, you will need some guidance in order to replace the battery of iPad 5. Here is an infrared view of where the battery is placed inside the new Apple iPad 5 2017.

ipad 5 2017 battery replacement

To many, it looks like the iPad Air 1 but trust us, a lot has changed underneath. To get access to battery of iPad 5 and replace it, follow these steps. Good thing is battery is not soldered to the motherboard so it is quite easy to replace.

Battery Replacement of iPad 5 (2)

You will a heat gun or a hair dryer. The LCD and digitizer in iPad 5 are not fused together so can replaced easily if something goes wrong.

Battery Replacement of iPad 5 (1)

That being said, the front panel has been glued which means you will a professional in order to avoid cracking of glass. You can try replacing the battery yourself only if you have confidence in replacing the front panel.

ipad 5 battery

But for the most part changing battery of iPad 5 is easy. All credit of pictures goes to folks at ifixit who have done a terrific job.

Battery Replacement of iPad 5 (3)

Clearly the Apple has taken a page from iPhone SE by churning out the iPad 5 where they have taken specifications of yester year’s iPad model to offer a cheap iPad. It is clearly not the professionals – it is made to capture the lost tablet share.