Bee Keyboard Jailbreak Tweak Let You Bind iPad Keyboard Shortcut To Open Specific Apps

Here is a tweak that will definitely convince you to jailbreak your iPad. It is called Bee Keyboard and it promises to take the iPad keyboard support to an entirely new level. For instance you will be able to control the Safari web browser just like its desktop version by binding keyboard shortcuts to do macros or toggle setting switches.

bee keyboard ipad jailbreak tweak

You can also use Bee keyboard to open specific applications. It will surely make you leave your laptop at home and use iPad for doing work. In other words, this jailbreak tweak makes your keyboard a lot more powerful.

I can view and respond to emails and iMessages all from the keyboard, for one. I can also easily move back and forth between two apps (while writing a reading response to an article, for example). I have also set up macros in Pages to approximate the keyboard shortcuts in the desktop version for text alignment and font size, and for creating and editing notes in Evernote. I also have a system-wide shortcut for opening Spotlight and selecting the first result, which gives a very rough approximation of the Mac app Alfred.