Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus

Belkin has come out with an innovative product that will cheer many home chefs. The company has released a ‘Chef Stand‘ that will make it much easier to use the iPad in the kitchen, particularly to refer to recipes while you are cooking. The stand props up the iPad, giving you a convenient viewing angle and allowing you to flick between recipes with ease.

The stand comes with a base made of rubber to prevent the device from spilling. It also features a capacitative stylus, through which you can interact with the tablet even if your hands are covered with flour. The stand is case compatible and can be used in two different angle settings, both of which have been chosen keeping countertop use in mind.

The stylus that comes with the Chef Stand has its own stand and is easy to grab even when you are working on your dish with the other hand. It also has a magnetic tip that can be used to wake up your tablet. What’s more, you can wash any of the components that come as part of this kit with soap and warm water.

Belkin, which has released other iPad accessories in the past like the iPad 2 Keyboard Folio and the Snap Shield, has set a retail price of $39.99 for the Chef Stand.