iPad 2: Belkin Snap Shield Review

There are a lot of after market solutions (example: SGP Griff), that help you to do away with the biggest problem people have with the Smart Cover – no protection to the back of the iPad. The case is definitely not like one of those cheap plasticky cases found on eBay and Amazon and is a bit on the sturdier side.


The case is designed to work together with the smart cover and at the same time, protect the back of the iPad 2. It can be easily attached and detached quickly in case you want to use something to carry your device. It is translucent (semi-transparent) in nature and has all the openings for ports and controls, including one at the back for camera.

The Snap Shied for iPad 2 retails for 30 dollars. Is it worth it? Nope – 30 dollars is just too much for a translucent cover. Still want it – here is their [product page]

Update – iFrogz has rolled iFrogz Backbone which is similar to Belkin’s snap shield. Check it out!

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