Belkin Wired Keyboard for iPad and iPad Mini

Belkin is now offering a slim and lightweight wired keyboard for the iPad 4 and iPad Mini users. Since it is wired there is no need to swap batteries on a weekly basis. Also there are certain companies and institutions that prohibit the use of Bluetooth radio which is where this keyboard shows its worth and usefulness.

Belkin Wired Keyboard for iPad

Belkin Secure Wired Keyboard Features

* Apple MFI Certified
* Plug and play
* Full-size keys
* “Correct connect” diagnostic indicator
* Durable, lightweight design
* Multimedia control keys
* Well-spaced keys for comfortable typing
* No additional software required
* No batteries required

Belkin Wired Keyboard for iPad review

The keyboard is full size and can be used with any iPad with lightning connector. In fact it will work with with any iOS device with lightning connector, so it can work with your iPhone too which would look quite awkward though.

The price of the Belkin Wired Keyboard is 60 dollars but Amazon is offering it for $54.