Best iPad 2 Camera Apps

A lot of people have criticized the iPad 2’s camera for its poor camera quality but let me tell you that it is good enough for casual use – for taking pictures and posting them on Facebook and blogs. Recently, myriad camera apps for the iPad have been made available that add a lot of interesting functionality. Here is the list of best iPad 2 camera apps:


World Lens: If you are a person that travels a lot, then you world lens is the app to get. This iPad app allows you to capture images via the build in camera and then translate the signs in the pictures (which are in foreign languages) into the language you can understand. Oh, and the pictures never looked so better on the high resolution iPad display. Costs 10 dollars.


WebEx: This is an amazing app, coming directly from the Cisco headquarters allows you to convert your iPad into a mobile workstation. It allows you to do video chatting with your employees and at the same time, share content with them. The app is free.


IncredibleBooth: This app sports a wonderful, user friendly inteface and provides an exiting way to create strips of photos. The app also allows you to share the pictures on Facebook or via email.


Twitter: The best social networking app (and the official Twitter app for iPad) just got updated to support both front and back cameras. This allows you to tweet photos and videos taken from the iPad.


Quickshot: This app is for those who are fond of taking a lot of pictures on their iPad. After launching Quickshot, photos taken with the iPad are automatically uploaded to the Dropbox account. These pics are then be accessed from the computer later on. Amazingly simple, yet useful idea. Costs just 1 dollar.


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