iPad 2: Beyzacases Thinvelope

Beyzacases is now offering an updated version of Thinvelope case that is made for the iPad 2. Build on the lines of the previous iPad 2 Case, this one features an envelope style design boasting high quality leather (textured). This makes it a perfect companion for taking into those serious business meetings. There is a lot of padding inside to make sure that you iPad’s huge display is kept safe at all times.

Beyzacases thinvelope ipad 2 review

The one which I bought for myself was tan in color, but the company is also offering red and black colors as well. The case is closed by the magnetic snap and holds the iPad tight enough to prevent it from rattling while inside the case. That said, it is not too tight and you do not feel like putting in a lot of energy while pulling it out from the case. Is there any thing not to like about the case? Well, it retails at 200 dollars (130 Euros) which is a lot of money for case (compared to the iPad which itself costs 500 dollars).  [product page link]

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