big big arrow and big big pointer styluses

Now we have covered a fairly large range of stylus of late, from the slick and highly designed to the small, portable and very cheap.  But like the Marker Pen Stylus, the Big Big Arrow and Big Big Pointer Styluses fall squarely into the novelty range of iPad tools.

big-big-cursor-ipad (Mobile)

Modelled on the cursors of earlier PCs and laptops, the Big Big range represent a fun and surprisingly useable Stylus for iPad.  That is right, despite it looking awkward, it actually writes quite well and sits comfortably in the hand being made of conductive foam (the material that allows the Stylus to work on the iPad’s surface).  It is also surprisingly precise.  The designer, Mike Mak, a graduate of the Polytechnic School of Design, Hong Kong, has taken the time to think about the ergonomics of the design as well as its novelty factor and at $12.99, you are hardly breaking the bank.  All in all, a functional post-modern throw back to the earlier days, the Big Big Stylus.