BlueLounge Bonobo Sleeve iPad Review

BlueLounge recently launched a collection of carry cases for iPads, called the Bonobo Series. This sleeve can be used for both the first and second generation iPads. In addition, this sleeve can also be purchased for the MacBook Pro in various sizes (13 – 17 inches).

BlueLounge Bonobo Sleeve iPad Review

The carrier is black and made out of PET fabric which has been completely recycled. The Bonobo sleeve features a large primary compartment which is perfect for storing the device. The iPad can be stored bare or encased in a smart cover.

Though there is plenty of space inside the sleeve, the iPad does not move around. The magnetic clasps in the sleeve ensure that the carrier has a firm hold on the device. The front of the bag features a large pocket with a zipper. Accessories for the iPad, like chargers, earphones, cables, etc, can be easily stored in this space.

The locking mechanism for the sleeve is practical, consisting of two magnetic closures that can snap shut. These can be quickly and easily engaged and disengaged.  The sleeve also features an aluminum buckle which can be used to keep the front flap from opening up.

The magnets are strong and ensure that the carrier will not open unnecessarily. The buckle is both an extra precaution as well as a style statement. It gives the sleeve a sophisticated look, making it ideal for professionals as well as recreational users.

The sleeve is sturdy enough to provide the device with adequate protection. However, it remains small and sleek enough to be slipped into a bigger bag, making it a great travel accessory.