BoxWave Capacitive Stylus

BoxWave’s capacitive stylus has been designed specially for the iPad’s multi-touch screen. There is no need to touch the screen with your hands when you write on the device, as the stylus allows you to do so effectively.

The design of the stylus is slim and sleek. It is 4.25 inches long and weighs only 0.4 ounces. BoxWave’s stylus is designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The device is extremely portable. It can be attached to your clothes or belongings through a 3.5 mm jack adapter for headphones or by a metal clip that is in built in the device. The clip can be used to attach the stylus to anything, making it easy to transport.

The capacitive BoxWave stylus is available in 5 colors for those who want some variety. The options are – metallic silver, crimson red, jet black, lunar blue and bold orange. The stylus can be used on any capacitive touch screen, though it is designed for iPad. So if you have another tab too, this stylus will work perfectly on that device as well. It is shaped like a pen, making it easy for users to carry and use it. The tip of the pen is a rounded rubber tip and glides effortlessly across the displays.

Another useful aspect of the stylus is its symmetry. It can be used from virtually any angle and still produce excellent results. Despite its sleek look, it is a durable product that combines sophistication with versatility.