Brando iPad 2 Case Review

Brando, a Hong Kong based company churned out myriad of iPad accessories when iPad 2 was launched. One of them was the Brando iPad 2 case with built in Bluetooth Keyboard. This keyboard makes a lot of sense for the users that want to a lot of typing. This case offers plethora of typing positions and has special keys for operating the iPad without touching the display.


It is made from PU leather and has a nice, sturdy feel to it. IT has elastic bands on its sides that make it easy to take the iPad in and out of the case. You can fold the flap and create a nice angle with the surface to help you typing.


The case is properly designed and has all cutouts for necessary buttons and ports. So, is there anything not to like about it? Well, the weight of this iPad accessory is same as the iPad itself. So, you do get the feeling of carrying two iPads at the same time. Second, the case comes with built in non removable battery. Good luck replacing the battery after few months since you will probably have to send it back to Brando for that. Charging time is also pretty high – 4.5 hours. Costs 60 dollars.

So, do I recommend it? Simply put – No. [official product page]

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