Chinao iPad 2 Case

Last week, my friend gifted me Chinao folio case for iPad. This case is for those who want something in between the iPad 2 Vaja Libretto case and the cheap ones you find at bestbuy and wal-mart (no pun intended). Chinao comes in two colors – dark brown and red brown. The finish of the case is amazing and has matte surface which gives it a understated look.

chinao_ipad_2_case_review (2)

Interior of Chinao case is made from microfiber to protect your iPad from getting scratched. Tabs on its four sides keep it in place but you can remove your tablet easily anytime if you want to.


Quality is top notch – not as good as Sena Florence or Vaja though, but it looks professional and expensive. To me, that is all what matters.

chinao_ipad_2_case_review (1)

Chinao also supports lock and unlock functionality of iPad 2 which is amazing for a case that retails at mere 40 dollars.