Choiix Wave Aluminum Stand

Choiix has come up with a smartly designed aluminum stand for iPads, called Choiix Wave Aluminum Stand. As the name suggests, the body of the Choiix Wave stand is made up of aluminum which nicely follows the contours of Apple’s iPads. The design is innovative and different from other stands available in the market today.

Choiix Wave Aluminum Stand


The Choiix Wave Aluminum Stand basically consists of three curved pieces of aluminum. The tip of these pieces is coated with black rubber. The three pieces of Choiix Wave Aluminum Stand are connected together with the help of a central hinge. Out of the three pieces, two are used as legs to rest the stand on and support the assembly while the third is used as a support on which the iPad rests. Choiix Wave Aluminum Stand is fitted with swirled metal caps towards both sides of the central hinge. The design is strong enough and can support any viewing angle that the user chooses to see from as per his preference. The rubber padding, at the end, provides viewing in both landscape and portrait orientations without any issues. The Choiix Wave Aluminum Stand is priced at $40 and overall is quite a neat option.

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