Clamcase Inspired Series – The Trooper

If you didn’t already know, Clamcase sets the standard for iPad cases.  They offer the best quality and range for iPad keyboard cases as well as the best in style and function.  Following on from this standard Clamcase has introduced the Inspired Series, a select range of cases in various distinct design motifs.  One of the first to be released is the Trooper, said to be inspired by the infamous Storm Trooper from the Star Wars films.

clamcase_trooper_1 (Mobile)

With a simple but perfectly conceived color scheme, the pearl white and black Trooper keyboard case is the perfect style match to the minimalist aesthetic of the iPad itself.  We at iPadhype are into the matching of the Applesque design qualities (read minimalist, stark, clear lines) with aesthetically suitable accessories, why would you want to place your iPad in some uber busy, multi coloured accessory when you can keep with the match winning form (well perhaps because variety is the spice of life?)  But as with all of Clamcase’s range, to concentrate on the style factor alone is to sell short the market leading functionality that comes as standard with its products.  The case offers full 360 rotation as well as the ubiquitous Bluetooth keyboard.  The Trooper goes for about $149 plus GST, but with the built in keyboard and other added extras you are getting more for your buck than the standard iPad case.