Clean Writer for iPad updated: oldest iPad text editing app

Apple iPad tablet is considered great for writers especially when you pair them with a nice hardware iPad keyboard. But the hardware is use of little use if it is not backed by powerful applications and this is where applications like Clean Writer come into play.

Clean Writer for iPad

The Clean Writer is a distraction free iPad app that has focus on words and writing instead of distracting features like formatting and unrequired stuff.

Previously released in 2012, two years after release of first iPad, the Clean Writer v3 brings myriad improvements for the iPad users including hardware and software compatibility with modern iPads and iOS versions’ improved Dropbox integration using Dropbox API 2.0; a modern UI with cleaner looks and icons.

It is not exactly feature less and instead the developers have put emphasis on features that are important. This includes live counters for words, characters and lines; minimalist UI with the possibility to hide out everything but the text and use multi-touch gestures for navigation and menu invocations; 4 color themes adapted to diurnal or nocturnal writing; custom global font selection; file management with Dropbox integration; keyboard auxiliary bar with user-customizable shortcut keys; inter-app connectivity; sending files as email attachments.

To use it, you will need an iPad running iOS 9.1 or later. There is a promotion right now where you can buy it for a dollar. You can download it from here.