iPad 2 Clone for 100 dollars

In the past few months, we have seen myriad iPad and iPad 2 clones but I have not come across one that boast a price tag of mere 100 dollars and something that is not a total crap in terms of specs. It features similarly sized 9.7 inch display packing 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and has both front and back cameras too.


To keep the prices low, the company went with the VIA 8650 processor that cruises along at 800MHz clock speed and equipped it with 2GB of flash storage and 256MB RAM. Battery life is expected to be so so given the fact it has only 1800mAh battery and that big screen could drain a lot of juice from it.


While it is 100 dollars, we must point out its cons. First, it comes with a resistive display. It runs Android 2.2 operating system which is not optimized for tablet use at all. The company should have gone with Android 3.1, but at 100 dollars (700 Yuan), you cannot complain much, can you?

Quick comparison to the iPad 2:

* headphone jack on the clone is at the bottom. iPad 2 has headphone jack at the top
* speaker grill is different on the knock-off.
* it has resistive display. iPad 2 has capacitive IPS screen
* poor processor
* poor battery life

[via 1pad.cn] (Chinese)