Cloud Connect Pro

iPad does not comes with a Finger which is actually a good thing as Apple did not want their iOS devices to appear complex to the user. However, for some, file management is a must-have feature. Cloud Connect Pro is an app by Antaceo that brings a true Finder-like file management to the iPad with deep cloud integration. IT allows you to connect to any computer, iDisk or Dropbox to access folder structures and files. Also, it can stream your favorite music and video files, thus doubling as VNC client and document viewer.


The App comes with a lot of features but requires a bit of setup. It has left sidebar like the one you find on OS X’s Finder. It displays all the places you can connect to and your bookmarks (for most used locations). The first tab gives you access to the local files that you can store on your iPad in a “My Documents” folder that is assigned to the IP of your iPad. This My Documents folder can sync back and forth between your iPad and computer via iTunes.