Cost of Cap of Apple Pencil will leave you surprised

When Apple launched iPad Pro, it also launched Apple Pencil. However if you loose the cap of the Apple Pencil, the cost to replace it will leave you surprised. An iPad hype user gave Apple a ring and thought Apple will be able to sort this problem out.

Cost of Cap of Apple Pencil

Service center person told the person on the phone they want 27 dollars plus shipping for the replacement cap for Apple Pencil. Odd – very especially when consider the fact the Cupertino giant sells Apple Pencil for 100 dollars.

Many users would pay maximum of 10 dollars to the replacement. It is important to know that the Apple Pencil’s cap is not just a plain hollow dome but is shaped inside to protect the lightning connector. It even has a magnet inside but 27 dollars is still a bit too much.

Fortunately, there are third party folks like Cozy that sell one for $9.99 for the combo pack.