Criminal Case iPad Cheat Hack Mod Download

Criminal Case is an immensely popular iPad game and this Criminal Case iPad cheat, hack, mod will allow you to easily solve myriad cases. Before you install this mod on your iPad, make sure you have installed the game and have played it at least once. This will create a game data file which will be later modded by the Criminal Case iPad hack.

Criminal Case iPad Cheat

Download Criminal Case iPad Cheat Hack Mod

Step 1 – Open Cydia and download this repo.

Step 2 – Also download localiapstore from cydia
Step 3 – Fire up settings on your iPad, find the localiapstore and enable it. Turn off generate custom receipt.
Step 4- Make sure you are on Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, in case you are using a 3G iPad, is off.
Step 5 – Start the Criminal case on your iPad and click on the coin / burger to buy something.
Step 6 – Swipe up to access the control center. Turn on airplane mode and quickly buy something. Your purchase should succeed now.

To repeat, airplane mode off, turn Wi-Fi on and wait for few seconds and then turn airplane mode on.