Download Financial Times for iPad

Financial Times, one of the most popular business newspaper has dropped its iOS app and is now available as an HTML5 web app. This app is specifically designed for iPad. So what is the reason behind their app withdrawal? Well, it is like a response to the new App Store subscription requirements that states that the news vendor must share 30 percent of the profits obtained from subscription with Apple. Also, they must offer their subscription through Apple.


While the old app is still available for few days, the folks at FT are encouraging the users to switch the new web app ASAP. They claim that the new app is faster, smoother and provides more content. FT is the first major publication to drop iOS app due to stupid subscription guidelines. Apple has hit back on FT saying that they may loose 100 percent of their iPad subscribers and should instead opt for paying 30 percent to Apple. Download it by going to on your iPad

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