Download iPad Fox News App

Fox News has rolled out its very own iPad app and the popular news website and TV channel promises to bring all that exiting news in a very visual and easy to use app. Fox News iPhone app is touted as the most popular news app, beating NYT and CNN by a long shot. The app has two sections – Happening Now and Story Timeline. Upper half shows the related images and clips of the most viewed stories of the day.


They have even managed to throw in the epic Fox News ticker to give ‘channel-like’ feel to the end user. Other nifty features include the ability top share a story by Facebook, Email or Twitter. Oh, and as expected with Fox News, you get loads of advertising. Right now, an ad from Exxom has a very prominent position in the Fox News app.


Overall, it is a nice app but compared to CNN and ABC, it does not offer live video. Nevertheless, I would still recommend it since it is free. [Download here]

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