Download Google Plus for iPad

We really had to wait for this app for a long time and finally, the official Google+ app is here. However, right now, it is being offered for only iPhone and iPod Touch. Folks at Google decided to ignore iPad for some reason. Nevertheless, there is a workaround and you can actually get it installed on your iPad without jailbreaking it.


You will have to download the iPhone configuration utility first. Here is the link to the Mac version and Windows version. Download; install and run it on your computer. Connect your iPad.

Now download the app from here on your computer and in the iPhone configuration utility, select your device. Click on the tab that says "Applications" >> "Add+" and browse for the Google+ app that you downloaded earlier. You will now see the Google Plus app in the applications list. You will also see a button that says "install". Click on that button and the app will be installed on your iPad.

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