Download iFile for iPad

The iFile is a full featured iPad file manager which you can use to manage files on your iPad. While there are plethora of file managers for iPad, for instance Goodreader for iPad, they generally are too limited when it comes to be doing complex things like changing file permissions and accessing and modifying system files. We will now show you how to download iFile for iPad onto your device.

download ifile ipad

Download iFile for iPad
The iFile iPad app gives you the functionality to do fast navigation using multiple tabs. You can ofcourse use it as a typical file manager. However to download it on your iPad, you will need to jailbreak iPad as it requires permissions which are not natively available. The iFile also lets you compress files, read PDF files, view pictures, videos and see text files without downloading any additional software.

And in order to access those special permissions, you will need to jailbreak your iPad which will give you super user permissions to do anything on your iPad.

Once jailbroken, fire up Cydia, search for iFile and install it from there. There is a paid version of iFile too but the free version is sufficient for most users.