Drop Series iPad 2 case

Some people work under harsh conditions and often opt for rugged cases for their devices. Making a ruggedized case for the iPad is tricky as you have to protect it and at the same time, have to keep it usable for the end user. The Gumdrop Drop series case for the iPad 2 is meant to be used in rough conditions and still keeps your tablet stylish. The iPad fits over the shell and then you cover it with the included screen cover to protect the display.

Drop series ipad

Rubber bearing a resemblance to the tyre wraps around to give protection against bumps and shocks. The buttons are covered as well and thus you have to apply a little bit more pressure to make the iPad register a button press. While the case is not as good looking as the White Street Skin case, it is not as bad looking as the Otterbox iPad 2 case that offers multiple layers of protection.

Gumdrop ipad 2 review

Also, with this thick case, it becomes increasingly hard to access the 3.5mm jack easily as it is recessed by the case. Available in four colors  - black, red, pink and white, it costs 60 dollars. [product page]

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