Elago Note Leather Cover

The Elago Note Leather Cover for iPad 2 is a folio style case. Introduced by Elagodesign the Note Leather Cover has all the features that one can expect from a folio style iPad 2 case. Unlike other folio style cases, it is made of genuine leather and available in dark brown and light brown colors. The stitching is of contrasting color which adds a nice touch to the Elago Note Leather Cover.

Elago Note Leather Cover


Instead of using an in built closing mechanism, the Elago Note Leather Cover uses an external removable elastic band to shut the two sides of the case. Both the halves are lined with a suede type material. A small leather pocket is provided on one side of the case to hold the iPad2. This is the only protection that is offered to the iPad2. This design is not very practical in case you want to use in the landscape orientation. One visible missing detail is that there are no slots for holding cards / papers in the Elago Note Leather Cover. Also there is no opening for the rear camera. Neither does the Elago Note Leather Cover has stand capabilities.


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