FitLog for iPhone Updated to v1.21

FitLog, an iOS fitness tracker app has been updated. For those who do not know about it – the app lets you create you own custom exercises and workouts and track your fitness progress. For instance, you can keep a track of the exercises you do; your weight and when you did your last workout.

This is how it looks like.

FitLog for iPhone Updated to v1.21

While it is designed only for the iPhone, it just works fine on the iPad too. Here is its full feature list.

- Create and customize your own exercises and workouts.
- Modify and track your every set and rep in your workout.
- Check your progress with pie charts, graphs and multiple statistics.
- Analyze your every workout in workout history
- Keep track of your weight with measurements and statistics.
- Intuitive and simple user interface.
- Beautiful flat minimalistic design.

You can download it from here.