iPad 2 Flash Drive

No, it is not a mirage. Quite a lot of times, we have pointed out in various comparisons (iPad vs ZTE, ipad vs acer a500 and so on) that iPad lacks a USB port that prevents the users to access the external storage devices like flash drive. Well, we would not be able to make that excuse any more as a Taiwan-based company called Photofast has churned out an iPad accessory called i-Flashdrive that works just like a regular USB flash drive.

Ipad 2 flash drive

The data on the USB flash drive is read on the iPad by downloading the company’s app from the appstore and can be read onto any computer – be it a Mac, Windows or a Linux box. Another very exiting feature is that it does not requires you to jailbreak your iPad / iPad 2.

Iflash drive ipad review

The app that is used to communicate and access the data on the i-Flash Drive does the triple duty too as it also works as a text editor and voice recorder. It comes in 8GB / 16GB / 32GB storage capacities for 100, 120 and 200 dollars respectively.

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