Galaxy Tab Different versions’ Difference

Unlike iPad, there is only one model for the Galaxy Tab. Interestingly, there are hardware differences between each one of them. Fortunately, folks at Galaxy Tab News have made a comprehensive table showing the differences.



                               Sprint  Verizon  AT&T  T-Mobile

CDMA 1800/1900YES              YES      YES      NO       NO
EVDO Rev. A                    YES      NO       NO       NO
GSM 800/900/1800/1900          NO       NO       YES      YES
UMTS 1700/2100                 NO       NO       NO       YES
UMTS 850/1900/2100             NO       NO       YES      NO
International Roaming          NO       NO       3G       EDGE
ROM                            512MB    512MB    512MB    512MB
RAM                             12MB    592MB    512MB    512MB
D-RAM                          128MB      0MB    128MB    128MB
User Memory                      2GB      2GB      2GB      0GB
Internal Memory                  0GB      0GB     16GB     16GB
Installed Micro SD              16GB     16GB      0GB      0GB
Maximum Supported Memory        34GB     34GB     50GB     48GB
Off Contract Cost              $599     $599     $649     $599
On Contract Cost               $399     $399      N/A     $349
Maximum Data Plan Allowance    5GB      10GB    2GB       5GB/Unlimited
Maximum Data Plan Cost         $59.99   $80     $25       $39.99
Minimum Data Plan Allowance    2GB      1GB     250MB     200MB
Minimum Data Plan Cost         $29.99   $20     $14.99    $24.99

You can also sim unlock galaxy tab to use it with any network operator.

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