Google Chrome for iPad

Many of us are Google Chrome fans mainly due to its fast and smooth interface but so far, the Chromium web browser is available only for the desktop, i.e, x86 / x64 platforms and not for the ARM processors which are used by the iPads. For those who don’t know, both Apple A5 and A4 processors are based on ARM platform. That said, we need not wait for Google to release Chrome for iPad as an app called iChromy is now available at the appstore.


While it looks exactly like the Chrome browser for desktop, it is not actually Chrome underneath. It is still using Safari’s engine to render web pages. That said, it does have few tricks under its sleeve that will make you feel you are using Chrome.


First is the uni address bar which also acts as the search bar. Another Chrome-like feature is the tab support. Other browser-based enhancements include Instapaper and Read It later support. You can also share the URL via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Oh, and I completely forgot to tell you the best feature – it is free. [download it here]

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