iPad 2 Gorillamobile Ori, Yogi

Joby has updated the Gorillamobile Yogi and Ori for iPad 2. These iPad accessories first made their debut for the iPad 1. For those who do not know, Gorillamobile Yogi is a mount that features balls stacked over one another to serve as a basic stand. The legs of the stand can be attached to a case.

ipad 2 yogi review

On the other hand, Gorillamobile Ori is a fancy looking case sporting a grotesque but functional folding design that also does the duty of a stand. It provides all access to the ports and buttons, including one at the back for camera.

ipad 2 ori review

So, what is new? Well, the cases have been updated to make use of the unlock / lock feature of the iPad 2. Here is video of Ori:

Yogi and Ori are now on sale for 40 and 70 dollars respectively. [product page]

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