Grablet Grablet for iPad 2 Review

The Grablet is a fun and practical mount for your iPad 2. One of the biggest advantages of the Grablet is its versatility. It makes it easy for a user to strap, hang or hold the iPad2 in a variety of ways.

Grablet The Grablet for iPad2 review

The frame is simple and can be strapped onto the iPad easily. It is available in a range of colors like: green, yellow, pink, orange, silver, blue, white, purple and black. Though it can be removed and installed quickly and efficiently, the hold that the Grablet has on the device is very secure.

The Grablet is made out of plastic, making it flexible and lightweight. The frame is shaped like an ‘X’ and the four extending corners can be wrapped around the four corners of the iPad2. The top and sides of the device are left uncovered. Since the Grablet can accommodate a smart case as well as a bare tablet, this is not a huge disadvantage. Holes in the frame allow users to access important buttons such as the camera, wake/sleep button and headphone port.

The straps of the Grablet are made out of nylon which is secured by retainers made of plastic. These straps allow users to work on their iPad conveniently. The straps are adjustable, so they can be used to hold an iPad2 in one hand, or mount it on the back of a car seat, or even hang it on a wall.