Griffin AirStrap

An iPad can be used in a wide variety of places and positions. However, it becomes difficult to operate in a standing position. Very few companies have come out with iPad cases that allow them to be used even in a standing position. The Griffin AirStrap is one such case launched by GriffinTechnology which allows users to continue using their iPads even in a standing position.

Griffin AirStrap


The AirStrap is priced at $50. The design of the Griffin AirStrap is very basic with a neoprene centre surrounding a hard rubber frame. The frame is around an inch in thickness. The iPad 2 nicely fits into the frame which means that it is firmly held in place. The four corners are slightly raised, acting as handles which means the iPad can be held and viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation. The Griffin AirStrap for iPad 2 has adequate cutouts for all ports and openings. The back of the Griffin AirStrap is made of neoprene and has a strap made of the same material. The strap is used to hold the iPad in a standing position. The strap is firm which will find favor with those who have small hands and have to use the tablet for a limited time but users with large hands and those using the tablet for prolonged durations might find it uncomfortable.

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