Griffin CinemaSeat 2

Griffin was amongst the first companies to introduce a car mounting assembly for iPad. It has now come up with a sequel to its earlier Cinemaseat called the Griffin CinemaSeat 2 for iPad 2. Cinemaseat 2 is almost identical to its predecessor except that it has an opening for the front camera and it is a bit thinner.


The Griffin CinemaSeat 2 is made up of light gray colored fabric and faux leather frame that can be attached to the headrest metal poles with a foldable Velcro strap. The right side has an opening to insert the iPad 2. There are openings for all buttons and ports except for the rear camera. Considering the function the Griffin CinemaSeat 2 performs that shouldn’t be a problem. A small pocket at the rear side can be used for keeping accessories like ear buds or stylus. Priced at $40, the Griffin CinemaSeat 2 for iPad 2 is a must have as an in car entertainment accessory. It can be carried outside the car also to be used as an iPad case but leaving large parts of the front screen exposed will not find favor with many users.

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