Hardware Differences Between a Mac and a PC

For years, the age-old question has managed to stay fresh – What’s the difference between a Mac and a PC? In general terms, you know that the two computers are different in many ways. However, you probably want to know what’s happening on the inside. How do the actual physical parts of both the Mac and PC differ from each other? The answer may shock you, we spoke to a local mac repair expert in Bristol to find out the problems technicians face with the differences and repair methods.

Hardware Differences Between a Mac and a PC

Differences in Hardware

After using both PC and Mac variants of devices, many people draw the conclusion that they are two very different types of computers. In a sense, this is true, but the speculation is often made that what’s happening inside of the computers are also light years apart.
This just isn’t true. Look inside of any Mac model, whether it be laptop or desktop computer, and you’ll find familiar parts such as a proprietary motherboard, SATA hard drive, standard RAM modules, either an NVIDIA or ATI Radeon graphics processing unit, wireless and Ethernet technology, USB ports, etc. If you have any knowledge of PCs, you have probably already realized that these are all parts that you would find in a standard computer.
Right down to the resistors, diodes, and capacitors, Mac and PC are virtually one in the same in terms of hardware. Of course, the integrated circuits will have differing firmware. Additionally, the operating system that will run on the hard drive will be different. The Mac will run something such OS X Leapord or Mountain Lion. The PC will likely run Windows, but it also might be another operating system (usually installed at the user’s discretion).

PC Repair vs. Mac Repair

PC Repair and Mac Repair are the same in a general light. A problem arises with the device, and in both cases, the user would call either the manufacturer or a licensed professional for help with fixing it.
However, there are many people that are interested in DIY repair, and this is where Mac and PC once again separate. In many cases, opening a PC case comes right down to loosening a few screws and sliding the side of the tower off to expose the internal hardware. From here, most parts can easily be seen, modified, replaced, or removed.
On the other hand, opening a Mac is not so simple for the average user. In actuality, special parts are required to make virtually any change to a Mac. Even opening the computer requires special tools to do so.
In short, it’s recommended that most users avoid attempting to open or perform repairs on their Macs by themselves. This is because without the proper tools, doing so can damage or ruin the computer. For Mac repairs, it’s almost always recommended that a professional be contacted.