iPad 2: Hong Kong

iPad 2 is yet to make its official debut in Honk Kong, but some local shops are already selling it at unreal prices. For example: The base model is being retailed at HKD 7900 which is about $1010 which is 2x the US price. It is being sold in Sin Tat Plaze (known as Mobile Phone Mall). Here are the prices:


iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (Black)

16GB: HKD$7,980 (about $1025)
32GB: HKD$8,980 (about $1153)
64GB: HKD$9,980 (about $1280)

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G (Black)

16GB: HKD$9,680 (about $1243)
32GB: HKD$10,680 (about $1371)
64GB: HKD$11,880 (about $1525)

They are even selling accessories!

iPad Smart Cover – Polyurethane – Any color: HKD $780 (about $100)
iPad Smart Cover – Leather – Any color: HKD $1,280 (about $164)
HDMI Adapter: HKD $580 (about $74)