How to Edit Video on iPad Pro

We all think that editing video on the new Apple iPad Pro will be fun. But how to get those huge videos on the iPad Pro? The best way to do is using Airdrop tool. So as long as you have got Mac OS X Yosemite on your Mac, you should be able to open it in iMovie. 

Edit Video on iPad Pro

Another way to do is using the Apple camera connection kit which will be useful for those who want to import from camera.

Third way to do is using a laptop as mediator. Connect your device to one USB port and iPad Pro to another. Then simply copy paste files from one from medium to another. Of course, if you are really a pro video editor, the iPad Pro will not suit you.

We strongly feel Apple should have equipped the iPad Pro with the new Thunderbolt connector that doubles as USB C port and at the same time, created a new storage app that lets users access external storage to access the content plugged in.