How to Recover Deleted Files from Kingston Pen Drive

Like other flash memories, Kingston Pen Drive can help users to save precious files in daily work. It becomes more popular for young users nowadays. However, users need to get third party help if the data is deleted accidently by know or unknown reasons. Error situation may cause data loss are prompted by the command as “The Drive F: has not been formatted, do you want to format it now?” Additionally, unexpected shutting down computer can result of data lost as well. If there is no “safely remove hardware” popped on the computer, the data may be deleted by unplugging improperly. Sometimes, system Sabotage, sector of drive space damaged, Table file corrupted in Pen drive and Virus attack also can make data lost. In these situations, with the help of Coolmuster Data Recovery, it is highly possible for users to recover lost data from Kingston pen drive. This program is the very professional recovery software that specialized for retrieve lost data from various memories including hard disc, u disc, and flash memories. Actually it is the best choice for user to keep at hands for preventing data lost occurring uncertainly. The program supports Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista operational system.


Therefore, the first thing that users need to do is to download quickly the program on their computer. The drive that the program is installed should not be located in the same drive that the data is damaged in case the data is overwritten. And then the Kingston Pen Drive can be connected to the computer via USB cable. Users can preview the files name, size and data of the files after quick or deep scanning completed. According to the files information previews, users can identify whether the data is fully or partially recovered. In the function bar of the program interface, users can select various function items to manually operate the scanning processing, it can also can identify any SD memory card and restore lost data from SD card, and this is the guide: how to recover photos from SD card.

cool muster

The program can access to each part of the partitions to search the reminder of the deleted files name. In doing so, it can enhance the effect of scanning. The space of the program is small in size which is well known as green software. Without relying on the computer systems, the program can recover the data from FAT table and damaged tracks, even the damage is serious. The scanning processing is based on the location to access them one by one. Users can select the partition location by hand. For example, the F disc that may be Kingston Pen Drive is the first location to scan when users suspect the deleted data is in. once the resource disc, from which data has been lost, users need to choose the corresponding drive in the scroll down function list. It can help users save much time to wait for overall scanning. The program provides plug and play function for any data recovery memories and devices. In the special situation, for example, if there is no response on the computer when Kingston Pen Drive is plugged in, users need to take out the card from Pen drive and use the card reader to recover.