How to unlock AT&T iPhone for free

All the Apple iPhones sold through network providers are locked but you can easily get them unlocked. The main advantage of getting the iPhone unlocked is to use the device on other cellular networks. So if you bought an AT&T iPhone and you are planning to use it on Verizon or T-Mobile, you will be able to do so after unlocking your AT&T iPhone.

How to unlock AT&T iPhone for free

Unlocking AT&T iPhone for free is possible by following these steps.
First, go to and share their page on Google plus and Facebook.
Then, visit iPhone IMEI’s website Facebook page and send them an inbox message that includes screenshot as proof along with your AT&T iPhone IMEI number to unlock your iPhone for free. 

Another important reason to unlock the iPhone is use the phone overseas. If you have a locked iPhone, you will not be able to use it on the network of that country. To check if official iPhone unlock is available for your phone or not, you should enter the IMEI number at and find out yourself.

To find out your iPhone’s IMEI number you should go to your phone’s dialer and key in #*06#. On the screen you will find a 10 characters representing the IMEI number unique to your phone. There is another way to find out IMEI. You can connect your device to the computer and fire up iTunes. Go to your device in iTunes and then to the Summary tab to find your phone’s IMEI number. You will also find your phone’s serial number there. The IMEI number should match the number present on the box of your phone. If it does not match, then it means you got a stolen iPhone.

The iPhone unlock process is permanent so even if you upgrade to future versions, you will still be able to enjoy unlocked functionality, allowing you to use any mobile carrier’s SIM.