How to use computer monitoring software the right way

Do you have any idea what your employees are doing when you are not around? At the minimum they are browsing Facebook and at worst, they could be using company’s resources to download illegal materials via torrents. That is why it is required to install a computer monitoring software to keep an eye on their Internet use and monitor things they do.

Today more than 3/4 of total companies in United States make use of computer monitoring software like work time to spy on their employees’ usage. Those days are gone when such applications were considered optional. Now they are used in almost all companies around the globe.

computer monitoring software

If your employees spend time on social networking sites instead of doing important work. This can seriously hamper company’s productivity. Also visiting objectionable websites can make the company prone to legal issues. Not only that, un checked Internet activity can expose computers to malware and spam ware.

With a proper computer monitoring app, you can monitor software and documents usage to get the exact idea on what apps are being used by computers and for how long. The WorkTime app comes pre loaded with 60+ customizable reports where you can fetch information using usage duration, employees login names, software used, websites visited etc. The reports can be plotted using charts and grids.

Also all reports can be ported to HTML making it even more cross platform compatible. The app runs just fine on terminal server, Windows, Linux / Ubuntu and Citrix server.