HyperShield iPad 2 Review

Hypershop has launched Hypershield for iPad 2 which is meant to be used in conjunction with the smart cover. It is similar to Belkin snap shield for iPad 2, just cheaper. It is made from TPU and is available in ten colors, including a translucent color. It does not adds a lot of bulk as it is just 0.44 inch thick and will only increase the thickness by few millimeters.

Hypershield ipad 2 review

I had no problems in using my iPad 2 with smart cover with Hypershield. It also comes with all the required openings for controls and ports (like iFrogz backbone) to make sure you never have to take it out of the case just for syncing and charging.

Ipad 2 hypershield review

Some people have been using just Zagg’s invisible shield for iPad 2 and have been pretty disappointed. Hypershield will save you a lot of money and will also last longer than most of the snap on iPad 2 cases. [hypershield official product page]

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