iD50 iHome Bluetooth Audio System

The newly released iD50 Bluetooth Audio System from iHome is affordable and is a perfect fit for all iPad models released till date. The product has an impressive look and has various features similar to the previously introduced iA100.








Unlike the old Bluetooth audio systems which provided a roll bar of metal replaced by a rubber block at the back of the compatible dock of iPads, the new iHome product supports uncased and cased iPads for providing an extra padding without using rubber.

As opposed to the iA100 which had silver legs to hold the product above a table, the iD50 comes with shorter legs which perfectly match the product’s weight. The iD50 supports streaming of Bluetooth stereo content from iOS devices. Monaural Bluetooth speaker phone mode in iPhones is also supported by iD50. It features control buttons for answering and ending calls and a built-in microphone,

The top control panel comes with clock setting and alarm options that eliminate the requirement for various buttons and switches found in a few similar products in the market. iD50 Bluetooth Audio System package also includes accessories such as a wall adapter and a remote control that comes in the shape of a candy bar.